Adobe Photoshop Lightroom cc all Tools | Mobile Photo Editing app 2020

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom cc all Tools | Mobile Photo Editing app 2020

    What is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Mobile App?

    Adobe photoshop lightroom cc mobile app is the best application ever I used to retouch my photos or make some color corrections of my images. It allows you to do retouching of pics and adjustments of images. With the help of Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile app you able to retouch your photos very accurately. If you don't know how to edit images or photos with a lightroom app then you can check our EDITING SPOT youtube channel. And if you are a beginner and want to know what are the best photo editing apps? then you can check our blog post on the best photo editing apps 2020.

    Lots of tools are there in the adobe lightroom app to retouch the photos. As I have mentioned the lightroom app is the best app for color corrections as it is used by many professionals and they still use, you should also know how to do color corrections with adobe photoshop lightroom cc mobile app.

    Adobe photoshop lightroom cc mobile editing tools-

    1. Crop Tool - As everyone knows what crop tools do? so I not going to explain it in brief. But if you are new in photo editing or just started to do photo editing then I will explain it in simple language. The crop tool is not difficult to understand, it is just a tool used to cut the images in custom ratio or specific ratio or in shape as you want.
    2. Profiles - It is just collections of some filters, to use it to apply color effects on your photos. I am going to explain what are the filters in the photo editing apps? for whom who doesn't know what are the filters? filters/profiles are the tools with lots of automated retouching, with this tool you can apply some color effects without breaking a sweat.
    3. Auto - Are you a busy person? or If you are a lazy person then this Auto tool in lightroom mobile is for you. It allows you to retouch images automatically with its AI technology.

    Light :

    1. ExposureUsed to adjust the Brightness. 
    2. Contrast - Used to adjust contrast.
    3. Highlights - If you pulled it to the right side then the image will start to be brighter and brighter, and if you pulled the circle to the left side then the image will get darker and darker.
    4. Shadows - if it is pushed to the left then dark color get darker and if pushed to the right then white color gets whiter.
    5. Whites - to increase and decrease the whiteness.
    6. Blacks -To increase or decrease the darkness.
    7. Curve - It is also a sub tool of the light tool in lightroom app. It allows adjusting the exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, and blacks by just pulling the line as color you want.

    Color :

    1. As Shot - it turns the image unedited as it is possible.
    2. Custom - to do color corrections manually.
    3. Temp - Used to change temperature. 
    4. Tint - changes colors by sliding.
    5. Vibrance - To increase or decrease intensity.
    6. Saturation - Increases color depth or intensity.
    7. Mix - As I have already mentioned the color tool of adobe lightroom cc app, this is also a sub tool of the color tool, with its specific color selection facility it allows to change the color specifically. Means if I wish to change the contrast, hue, and saturation of a particular color then I can use this mix tool.

    Effects :

    - This tool is the most used tool in the lightroom mobile tools by me, mostly the vintage tool. 
    1. split-tone - for changing highlights, shadows, and balance. 
    2. Texture tool - it is not Probably used most because it reduces the quality, but useful for those who wish to do smooth skin. 
    3. Clarity - it is used to adjust the colors of specific parts of images. Dehaze is used to fog, haze and mist appear in photos. 
    4. Vintage - it is the tool that most used tool of effects tool of mine, it allows adding some vintage effects to the images. when you drag the circle to left you able to see the corners are getting darker and darker and to the right whiter and whiter. If you have done this the next options will appear to adjust the vintage effect as you wish.
    5. Grain Amount - Adds some grains to the face when dragged to the right and reduces by dragging to the left. And as tools appear in the vintage tool this tool is also the same in that case.

    Detail :

    1. Sharpening - makes images sharper. radius, detail and masking options appear when you use the sharpening tool.
    2. Noise reduction - reduces the noise from the images by dragging to the right side. Detail and contrast options appear when a noise reduction tool is used.
    3. Color noise reduction - this tool help to reduce the color noise from the images by just dragging the small circle to the right. Detail and smoothness tools appear color noise reduction tool is used.

    Optics :

    1. Remove chromatic aberration - Chromatic aberration is done by distortion of the lens. So I suggest you use it for removing chromatic aberration from the photos.
    2. Lens profile corrections - It allows us to fix the lens problem as distortion, vignetting, and perspective corrections.

    It is the tool that is used for changing the perspective of images.

    Presets :

    The Lightroom presets are the automated DNG, XML, LRTEMPLATE, etc. files that already have edited by a user and you can apply all the settings of that image by just copying its preset's settings and pasting to your images.
    43 presets are in build in the Lightroom cc app.
    1. color - 6 presets 
    2. creative - 10 presets
    3. b&w - 10 presets
    4. curve - 5 presets
    5. grain - 4 presets
    6. sharpening - 4 presets
    7. vintage - 4 presets

    Reset :

    It allows resetting all the things we have done on the image in Lightroom. It similarly an undo button but the undo button is used to go a step backward and this reset tool is used to go back as the image has originally.

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