Mobile Photography Tips, Tricks And Hacks To Capture Photos 2020


Mobile Photography Tips, Tricks And Hacks 2020

To capture a great photo, people generally think that they need a flagship phone like the pixel 4. You know that a few basic rules help you to capture awesome shots with any smartphone.
Hey, guys, this is Dhananjay Atkale from Editing Spot. Today I am talking about some Mobile Photography Tips, Tricks And Hacks that definitely help you to take some great shots from your smartphone. These rules helped me in my mobile photography game. so I think these Mobile Photography Tips, Tricks And Hacks 2020 will help you also to capture awesome pictures.

    Rule of thirds

    I am pretty sure that you have heard about this rule and trust me this will really improve your photography. I am sure that you have some grids in your camera app. If you haven't then you can enable it from your camera settings. Well, the grid is on in your camera application. Now what you need to do is in sort grids at the subject in your photo and align with left or right intersections. This is the rule you can always break if you are getting a great shot but it's important that you know this rule. Because as they say You can break the rule that you truly understand.


    This is another great rule that really helps you to capture some great photos. You should always use this rule to capture some pleasing next time you click the photo then do not forget to use this symmetry rule.

    What is symmetry

    Symmetry is all around us. Symmetry is just a line that splits the composition in half and both sides of the image are almost the mirror image.

    Frame in a frame

    Photo using the frame in the frame
    It's a simple trick really. you can use the frame in the background or the foreground to really capture photos way more interesting than your usual shot.

    Rule of odds

    Have you heard about the rule of the odds, well its a pretty simple rule and it is actually pretty cool. now the rule of odds helps to click the photos looks more pleasing to the eyes within an odd number of objects or subjects. It seems that image with an odd number of subjects or objects looks better than even number of objects.

    What others are reading?

    Use the light

    Another simple rule to capture amazing shots using the light. now it's as simple as it sounds. all you need to do is it just give a shot as your thought and think about how you can use the natural light in surrounding in your photos.


    Have you ever used the perspectives while capturing your pictures, if yes then great and if not then start using perspective tools to make your photos way look better.

    Shooting Angle

    You can find a difference if you click the pictures from different angles. So don't click images with just a single angle, try to click photos from three to four different angles.

    Leading lines

    If any background is there with the leading lines then go there and capture your pictures with those lines. If the lines are looking like they are leading to the subject then the image looks better.

    Google Camera (Gcam)

    If you are wondering what difference google camera (Gcam) makes. google camera app makes better enhancement and better dynamic range and punchy colors. so go ahead and install the google camera app or Gcam app. it's not a rule but trust me it really makes difference.

    Manual/Pro/Expert Mode

    If you have ever clicked images in the night then you are well known about the noise on the images. If you click the images in auto mode, your camera automatically set all the things and click the photo. nut if use the pro mode then you can adjust iso, shutter speed, hue, and extra things manually. It helps in motion photography, slow photography and all photography.

    Don't crop images

    People generally click the whole image and then crop it to make it better but the image will even better if you zoom the camera and capture the image to avoid the cropping.


    Gridlines are very useful in photography. It allows you to do capture images with the rule of thirds and perspectives. Every smartphone supports the grids in the camera if your smartphone doesn't then you should download any third-party application to use grids in camera. If you are adjusting the perspectives after clicking the images then these grid lines will help you to click shots with perspective.


    Panorama allows you to take wide-angle shots without any wide-angle lens. when we are taking panorama images, we generally use the verticle or horizontal panorama. We actually capture the nine images and combine them. You are almost getting nine times more resolution of your mobile camera sensor. One additional tip I would give you when you are capturing the panoramas make sure your exposure and focus are fixed because when you move your mobile camera the exposure and focus can change and you won't get a very seamless panorama.

    Holding the mobile Upside down

    When you are taking images with different perspectives and you are very low to the ground then you should hold your smartphone upside down to capture the image. Because all the smartphones have the camera setups at the upper half part of the mobile. If you hold your mobile upside down then the distance between the ground and the camera will decrease and you get the more awesome image.

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