Picsart Photo Studio all Tools | Mobile Photo Editing Tools 2020


Picsart Photo Studio all Tools | Mobile Photo Editing Tools 2020

    What is the Picsart Photo Studio mobile?

    Picsart Photo Studio tools mobile is the best application ever I used to edit my photos or change the backgrounds of my images. It allows you to do edit your pics and color corrections of images. With the help of Picsart Photo Studio Mobile you able to do the color corrections of your photos. if you don't know what are the best photo editing apps then you can check our blog post on the best photo editing apps 2020.
    There are lots of tools present in the Picsart application to edit your photos more awesomely. Because there are many tools people using the Picsart worried about how to use Picsart. So we have made a list of Picsart editing tools with full explanations.

    Editing Tools by Picsart


    Crop Tool - 

    As everyone knows what crop tools do? so I will not explain it in brief. But if you are new in photo editing or in Picsart then I will explain it in simple language. The crop tool is not difficult to understand, it is just a tool used to cut the images in custom ratio or specific ratio as you want.

    Free crop

    It is not similar to the crop tool as it has the word crop. The free crop tool in Picsart allows you to crop images in a noncustom ratio or any specific ratio. You simply draw the lines and crop it as you wish.

    Shape crop - 

    As I have already discussed what a crop tool and free crop tool is, the shape crop tool is very similar to the crop tool but crop tool enables you to crop the pictures in the shapes that you like to crop. 

    Dispersion - 

    The dispersion tool allows us to make dispersions as shown in the picture below.

    Clone - 

    It makes the clone of pics, in the sense if you wish to hide some parts of the images you can use the clone tool available in Picsart.

    Stretch -

    As the word stretch indicates what is a stretch tool, it allows to stretch images as you like.

    Motion - 

    If you are editing your pics like running in the morning or just running then this Picsart tool will help some bit to make some motions in your pictures.

    Selection -

    Selection tool allows to make some changes not on all the photo but just on the selected part, for example, if you want to make some changes with your face of the entire image then you can use this selection tool to select the face of entire photo and apply filters, effects and more.

    Adjust - 

    This editing tool allows us to use colors of images and make it more natural editing.

    Curves - 

    This is the sub tool or sub-feature of the adjust editing toolIt allows us to do some color corrections of images by just moving the curve line, and it has the color options to select the specific color and make changes to that color only.

    Enhance -

    This tool is used only for adjusting the brightness and saturation of photos.

    Tilt Shift - 

    This tool allows us to r the images in horizontal or verticle lines and in a circular angle.

    Perspective - 

    It is used to apply some text on buildings or adjust some photos. 

    Resize - 

    It is the editing tool which is very important because Picsart makes the picture quality lower than before, so by using this tool properly, you can change dimensions of images to high to get better output.

    Flip Rotate - 

    This tool allows you to rotate images in an angle that you want and the tool flip allows you to mirror the images horizontally and vertically.

    Effects - 

    It has the most tools in it and used mostly to add some effects to the images.


    Who doesn't know the beauty mode as it is available in smartphone cameras also, it allows you to add some beautiful features to your face.

    Sticker -

    Stickers are available in mobile's camera also, that is really awesome they do add stickers to the image by using AI technology. These stickers are also the same as a mobile camera.

    Cutout -

    Are you searching for how to remove the background of a photo with mobile then this cutout editing tool will help you to do that, it allows to remove the background of the image by just selecting the image.


    This tool is used to add text on images and make it more awesome, you can add attitude text on photo.

    Add Photo

    If you have the background and just simply wishing to add image on ti then this tool is for you, this adds photo editing tool is used to add png on a photo, quotes png, attitude png, and much more.


    It is used to add some lights, bokeh effects, borders, textures, artistic effect and more.


    If you are an Instagram user then this tool can help you to convert any size images into a square image.  


    It can be used to draw something on the image.

    Lens Flare -

    Lens flare feature in the Picsart Photo Studio is very useful, there are lens flare png stickers and more for helping the editing.


    It just used to add some borders to the images.

    Shape Mask

    It is used to apply some shape masks to your pictures.

    Frame -  

    To add frames to the photos.


    Used to add callout for editing like thinking or saying something to anyone.


    The most used tool by every Picsart photo editor, because it has the most tools present like a professional photo editor. You can edit your photos using just this tool.

    Can I use Picsart on my computer?

    Yes, you can use the Picsart app in your computer not directly but by using an android emulator.

    Is the PicsArt app free?

    Yes, Picsart is free to use but there are some features that are paid.

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