Best Videography Apps That Every Video Editor And Filmmaker Should Have!

We have listed some of the Best videography apps that every video editor and filmmaker should have. These apps will help you to shoot videos awesomely. Now I personally use ios for my preferred mobile device. So I'm not sure about the availability of these particular applications in android. So I have given some Best Videography Apps similar to that but not all are the same apps. But they do the same work in Android.
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    Best Video Editing Apps


    The first app that we're gonna talks to you all it's called sunseeker. Now, this particular app is great for when you're out and you're scouting a location that you want to know specifically where the sun will be at a specific time. But you plan on shooting at that location. So if we fire up the app you can see in the absence seeker right here. We have a 3d sun compass, so if we were to shift our phones you can see the chick on your left and right. It'll tell you exactly where the sun is and this has a couple cool features, that I personally love.

    On the right side, you can see it's a button called 3d view. So if you hit that they'll give us a real-time view of where we are and yellow line right there indicates today which is the day that we're on. And if you follow this I'll tell you specifically where the sun is at this particular moment. So that's the sun right there I'm in the office. Of course, you won't be able to see it, because we're in here but you know it gives you accurate readouts as you can see right there. But the lockouts off that's when the sun isn't even past sunrise so a couple other cool features with this. If we just hit that done button right there we get the map and what this does is it shows you an actual 3d map from google.

    It gives you a few readouts of where the sun will be at that particular time. This is super helpful if you're out there scouting a location or if it's got a location. And it's not the time that you are planning on shooting at this would be able to let you know give you an accurate representation of where the sun is at that particular moment that you want it to be. So this app is really cool.

    Light spectrum

    The second app every videographer should have is called the light spectrum. This app is super cool that just fires it up with this particular app. Does is it gives you an accurate readout of the specific Kelvin temperature up whatever you pointed at.

    So right now you can see when it on the outside and if I were to film that outside from in my office this would be an accurate representation. That has the option to switch the camera so we can switch to the front-facing camera. And if I point this to my face you can see this is what I would go. And I would set the Calvin balance on my camera. Now you don't have to use auto because when you do use auto. Sometimes the shifts depending on when you move to different spaces out of the location there's a shooting that so this is a pretty cool application.


    The next app gonna make your life so much easier, it's named Artemis. It's a viewfinder and it shows you so many different options in terms of like the camera, using the plans, whatever blah blah blah. If you're at a temple and you want to film the entire temple. But you have your camera with you, so you don't know specifically what focal lengths you might need you? don't know what lens you might need to capture?. This app let's just fired up there're so many different options.

    This app is super helpful when you're out doing your location scouting and you don't have your camera on hand or the different lenses that you might have access.

    Light meter

    The fourth and final application that I'm gonna tells you all that every single filmmaker should have is an application called light meter. This app isn't necessary to have the light meter to use it. You can use this with spot metering so let's just fire it up. This is the application used for spot metering. So if you're on the fly you're trying to expose an image on your camera. This keeps you from having a guess. And it gets you pretty accurate in terms of which is just such a camera to settings wise for aperture, iso, shutter speeds.

    So this is a pretty cool application that keeps you from bouncing all over the place. And get you pretty close to what an accurate exposure for an entire image or just the point is.

    So those are my four muscle applications for all filmmakers. If you know of any apps that might help me or any other phone. Make it in the comments let me know just comment. Let me know I'll definitely make sure to check it out. And I would greatly appreciate I'm sure everybody here would greatly appreciate it as well you enjoyed this post. So share this post with everyone who needs it.

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