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Hello, everyone, I am Dhananjay Atkale from Due to popular demand, this one is going to be on Videography Tips and Tricks for a videographer.

A lot of you guys did come up to me in my DMs and asking me about how you can shoot a video. So this videography tips and tricks will definitely help you to capture awesome videos.
There are tons of videos we keep shooting using our mobile phones not all of them look exactly interesting.

Now you aim the camera anywhere, switch it to video mode, press the trigger and the camera will start recording video.

For the case, you capture very effective videos. Because that's the power of camera technology. But not all videos come out looking interesting. Especially when you try to tell a story and when you start comparing your video with the others.

Now I'm not suggesting that you should be doing all these things, that I'm going to say.
But probably if you use these techniques or methods that we go to talk about.
You will end up having much cleaner looking great videos. for an example wedding video.
I had written a post on photography tips, tricks & hacks. So, guys, you must read that to click better pictures using your camera.

    Avoiding Shaky Footage

    The first tip on getting great video straight out from your camera is "avoiding shaky footage".

    As everyone knows shaky footage is not necessarily good footage. Whether you shoot it from a high-end camera or using your phone. And it's very easy to be careless when you're just shooting videos with your phone. Do not really care about whether the footage is shaky or not.

    However, it can take a video that is very professional to a video that is very amateur.

    You can use a smartphone gimbal to capture stable videos. Gimbals are getting cheaper especially the ones that you use with your phone.

    So you don't have to worry about stability. And one more thing to get stable footage is to use warp stabilizers or any kind of stabilizing software.

    If you have footage that is relatively shaky. Now keep in mind stabilizers are not going to work on footages that are extremely shaky. it's gonna make it worse.

    But If your footage is shaky just around the edges. Applying a stabilizer in Adobe Premiere Pro or any other editing software will make your footage a lot better and a lot stable.

    Using Applications

    The second tip for clicking better videos with your camera by using applications for different kinds of videos. Now, this has to be a constant tip for both photography and videography using your phone. Because your phone may be limiting the exact potential of your phone's camera.

    Just search for shoot time-lapses, stop-motions, different kinds of cinema graphs or various kinds of videos that your normal camera would not allow you to do.

    Also, manual controls are a great thing whenever you're shooting a manual video.

    Improve your Audio

    The third tip might not have thought would be present in a video about how to improve your camera's video game. But this is the most important tip, we're talking about "improving your audio".

    Video audio is 50 percent or even more of what the entire quality of your video looks like. So many people overlook audio. And you and I both know the audio from professional cameras as well as phones are really bad. You should invest in a good audio source. There are various ways you can go without spending a lot of money. You can easily get a mike at a cheap price.

    If you're shooting in 4k but your audio is absolute crap then your video's gonna be crap as well. So make sure you invest in a good audio source and anything that you shoot from your camera with that will be 10 times better.

    Planning in Advance

    The next step to get amazing videos straight out from your camera is planning in advance and shooting to edit now. It's a term that I usually use a lot nowadays that is shooting to edit. And what basically this means is whenever you're going out to shoot something. Make sure you sit back take at least half an hour and jot down the things that you are going to edit. In the way, you'll edit the actual video.

    There are a couple of advantages of shooting to edit. This is the fact that you've already thought about the way you're going to edit. The video before you actually shoots it. So when you are going to shoot, think about editing after you have the footage.

    There are many things you're going to do while you are doing editing. Masking, transitions are some examples that you definitely do while editing. But that things look ugly if you haven't thought about them in advance. So shooting to edit or having that mindset of editing will really help you get the perfect footage.

    Before instead of looking for ways to boost the quality you need to become perfect. Because many of the great photographers and videographers have already said that you don't need the best gears. You just have the perfect skills.


    We keep talking about the need for discipline. Discipline while shooting even if you are shooting with a million-pixel camera or a humble mobile. For discipline is what will really help you to make that difference.

    Let's assume an X or a Y. Who's probably not as disciplined as you are there are times.
    When you can do it with just a camera and there are times you actually require a few accessories.


    If you don't have a good camera or a good camera phone then don't worry. Because perfectness starts with nothing and ends with everything.

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