Top 5 Websites To Download High-Quality Images For Free Commercial Use

Are you a photo-video editor? if yes, then you definitely need some great high-quality background photos for your image or your video footage.
So we have listed some awesome websites where you can download high definition no copyright images for free.

Below listed websites provide really great pictures, even we use photos and videos from below listed websites and we don't have got any copyright issues from them yet.
We use images a lot for youtube videos as well as on our websites. And every blogger and YouTuber needs no copyrighted [high resolution] images.

Check out the following list of the websites that provide free copyright-free images for free without getting any issues.
no copyright images

    1. Pixabay: 1.605509 million+ Stunning Free Images to Use is one of the largest websites which has a big collection of high-quality images. Pixabay has more than millions of pictures as well as videos.
    Pixabay enables us to download pictures in the resolution we required. It provides resolution from low to high. But for the high resolution, you need to register to the Pixabay [that's absolutely free].
    You can enable the Safe Search option from settings to do not get inappropriate images.

    • ✓ Free for commercial use
    • ✓ No attribution required
    • ✓ High-quality images.
    • ✓ No attribution required.

    2. Pexels: Free stock photos is also a great option for finding high-quality images and videos. Pexels have many high definition images, But it also had embedded images from other websites. It allows everyone to upload their own images to the But they check the resolution before the images been published.

    You can check this website for high-quality stock photos without any copyright strikes.

    • ✓ Free for commercial use
    • ✓ No attribution required
    • ✓ High-quality images.
    • ✓ No attribution required.

    3. Unsplash: Beautiful Free Images & Pictures provides images in high resolution. This website does have millions of pictures. But this website doesn't have as much collection as above websites. But the quality of the images provided by Unsplash is not worse. Unsplash is providing great high-resolution free photos to use commercially.

    You can check Unsplash for high-quality stock free images & pictures.
    Unsplash offers free images and photos that can be downloaded and used for any project. Better than any royalty free or stock photos.
    • ✓ Free for commercial use
    • ✓ No attribution required
    • ✓ High-quality images.
    • ✓ No attribution required.

    4. MorgueFile: Free Photographs For Commercial Use is one of the oldest stock images website. It provides over 380000 high quality, high-resolution photos for commercial use or personal use.
    You have to register on the website in order to share, like or download the images.
    • ✓ Free for commercial use.
    • ✓ No attribution required.
    • ✓ High-quality images.
    • ✓ No attribution required.

    5. Google Image Search also provides images for commercial use. But there is a trick to avoid copyright claim on the images downloaded from google.

    How to download pictures from google for commercial use:
    • Search in the google for the keyword
    • Go to the images section
    • Then click on the tools followed by usage rights option just below the search bar
    • Choose the label you are comfortable with
    • I recommend you to use Labeled for reuse with modification to avoid copyright issues.
    But there is a downside of the google image search that is nothing but the image quality. Some images on google will not be there with high resolutions. so you need to avoid them.

    Do remember that you check the license of the images from the appropriate website. 
    How to check the license or attribution of the google image:
    • Open the image.
    • Click on the visit page.
    • Check for license or attribution.
    I hope you enjoyed this list of the websites provided above. So don't forget to share this post with your other friends.

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