Step by Step Guide on How to Use Pro Mode of Mobile Camera?

If you are starting taking photos from your smartphone and you knew how to capture photos perfectly with auto mode but wishing to try the manual mode or PRO mode. then this article is for you.

In this post, I have shared a step by step guide with which you are able to use PRO / Manual mode in your mobile phone to click some great photos.
manual Mode of Mobile Camera

Why Use the Pro / Manual Mode of the Camera?

While taking the images, there is a lack of some things, for example, Light. To adjust the things which don't there, the PRO mode is used.

Difference Between Manual Mode and the Auto Mode of a Camera?

The auto mode of a camera helps us to capture some great photos with its technology. The auto mode automatically adjusts the settings and helps us to take photos in a few seconds.

But the PRO mode is different, with the Manual or PRO mode you can adjust the things like exposure, ISO, etc. by yourself, which helps to capture the images as you wish or as you want.

TIP: If you are a beginner photographer now then I'll recommend you to use the auto mode on the initial stage or at starting.
But if you have got some experience of the auto mode then you should use the PRO mode to capture some awesome pictures.

1. Understand the Ui or the Interface

To use the Expert mode you must be friendly with the interface of the camera. While using the PRO mode you need to set the WB, EV, ISO, AF, Shutter speed, etc. so the first thing is you should understand the UI.

2. Check the Available Options

In my case, there are WB, EV, ISO, AF, Shutter speed options are available. It can be different on different mobile phones. You should definitely check out that before going to shoot the images. Because I already have mentioned in the first step that you should remember the interface of the camera UI.

If there are some other options rather than WB, EV, ISO, AF, Shutter speed, then please do share that with us in the comment section below.

3. Learn to Use the Tools

You need to learn all the options by dragging them in the left and right direction. It's not possible to write about how to use all the options of the manual mode of the camera, but I will try to provide you a small summary of all the tools.

Tools :

  • WB - WB is nothing but the hue. WB / HUE allows you to add some color filters to the image. It directly helps to change the temperature on the image you are going to capture.
  • EV - If you increase the EV, you will find that the white color of the image is increasing and vise versa for decreasing the EV.
  • ISO - ISO is nothing but the light. If you increase the ISO, the image will become brighter and if you decrease it, the image will become darker.
  • Shutter Speed - Shutter speed is defined as the number of the photos captured as per second. If you increase it as you want it will take the time as you had set and capture the perfect picture. But if you decrease it, it will capture the photos rapidly. I will recommend you to increase the Shutter speed in the night time, and decrease at day time.
  • AF - AF is the short form of the abbreviation for autofocus. If you are going to capture the micro shot then you need to decrease the AF and vise versa for non-micro shots.

I hope this article had helped you, if you had got some knowledge from this article then please do share this with your friends.

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